What Type Of Agency To Use When Selling A Property In Canary Wharf?

If you’re selling your home There are many estate agents available on the main street. Local independent agents, such as us, as well as corporate agents seem to offer the same services. What is the difference between an estate agent from a corporation or independent estate agents in Canary Wharf, and which one should you choose?

Do you realize that certain estate agents might have their own offices and distinct names, but they are part of the same entity? The two appraisals you received are in fact the same firm and, as such, they could work together to convince the buyer to agree on a long contract or to pay more to sell your home. We are totally independent and our goal is to get you buyers.

We are an independent agency, which means we won’t receive a fee if we do not sell your house. This means we have being more proactive and motivated approach than the majority of estate agents who are corporate. We are reliant on our reputation and our reputation within the local community and don’t want to jeopardize it by engaging in shady methods or untrustworthy dealings.

We are more motivated to help you sell your home We can offer you more attention and personal time than an agent for corporations. This includes thorough feedback from viewings and updates on negotiations and offers, and efficient and clear communications at all times.

If you’ve already paid for the upfront fee to list your home, what incentive is there for the estate agent to promote your home? They’ll take photos and place your property on a website and that’s it. We have developed relationships with reputable buyers and can get them excited about your property prior to the property is even listed.

There is a list of potential buyers that we’ve accumulated through the years, and we are confident that there are buyers who are interested in your property prior to it is even put online In contrast to some corporate agents, we’ll talk to them directly on the phone, and will not rely on an automated email system to inform them of the property. We enjoy talking with our customers and are aware of the requirements of buyers in and out.

Our team is proud of their local connections and we are also locals ourselves. We love our community and are able to provide honest and accurate answers to buyers’ queries during viewings and beyond.

With the many ways to sell your home, it does not always boil down to the cost; you’d rather get the highest quality service available with regular updates about your home and be treated as an individual, not a number on a sheet. This is why we in our capacity as an individual estate agent, make more than more than 80% in the UK market.

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