The advantages of PropTech

What’s the future of the future of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in the context of the emergence of PropTech and is it a specific program providing quality services, rather than a specific software that provides an acceptable or satisfactory level of support?

Software that is automated

With an abundance of PropTech firms focusing on certain aspects of the business and focusing on particular characteristics, it is feasible for agents to set up platforms in place which cover the payment process, referencing, maintenance, and property management. All linked with the Application Programming Interface (API).

Automated software lets employees focus on tasks, and aids agents in working more efficiently by streamlining the process by the way they communicate with tenants. PropTech software is an ideal tool for tenants to monitor the condition of their property, without the need for frequent home visits. It is however recommended that agents make at least one every year to make sure that standards are met and to verify that the property is Fit for Human Habitation (FFHH).

Technology for property

One illustration for PropTech software is the specialized Tenancy Cycle Reporting software developed by the letting agents. It assists in generating extra revenue as well as win new business. It also helps increase service levels, while also serving to assist busy property managers effectively prepare professional reports.

Smart work solutions

Tenant self-assessment software provides a minimum of contact with agents to safeguard landlords and tenants alike. PropTech’s solution ensures that the standards of agents are adhered to while providing the ability to create comprehensive, tenant-led reports that provide information on maintenance issues as well as essential health and safety diligence.

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