Seven Benefits of Temporary Buildings

The most significant benefit of a temporary building can be the quick and cost of its installation, due because of the PVC cloth roof. It also provides the building with the ability to be placed on any surface, without the requirement to have a base that has been prepared.

There are times in business when space or the absence of it, becomes a challenge. Perhaps you are looking to increase production, which would require more warehouse space and equipment. Perhaps you’re looking to expand the warehouse space to deal with the increasing volume of production. Or maybe you need more space for loading to secure your products from damage in despatch or goods-in areas?

Finding a vacant property off-site isn’t always an ideal or practical idea. There are significant difficulties and hidden costs in this scenario, since you’ll have the hassle of more staff and transportation to think about, as well with the fact that leases are often binders to sign, which could make you a subject to unwelcome lease obligations.

Before you start thinking about the expense of a significant move to a larger space, consider the advantages of building the temporary building that can be relocated…

1) Quick installation

From the initial phone conversation to discuss your needs We can usually get your building up and operating within 7 – 21 days. This is a great option in situations where the need to store your items for a short period or productivity enhancement has become a major concern.

2) Most flexible rental terms

Often, the need for more space is due to the increase in productivity, or seasonal demands. Our temporary structures are available for lease at the most flexible rates that are possible.

3.) There is no groundwork preparation needed

The design lets us build our relocatable buildings almost any surface. Of of course that the leveler the area the better, but the PVC roof provides the building with the flexibility to be placed on uneven or sloped surfaces and also allows the uprights to be positioned according to the level of your land. Therefore, if you wish to expand your current building or create an entirely separate building in your car park, it is easy to achieve with this kind of structure.

4) It is easily expanded

If you’ve underestimated the amount of space you’re requiring, or have a need for more spaces, then our temporary structures are able to be expanded swiftly and effortlessly with minimal interruption to your business. This is also true if you need to reduce the dimensions of your temporary structure.

5) Cost-effective operating expenses

While the initial cost of setting up is much lower than setting up an entire permanent structure usually, you’ll reduce your business expenses also. Since they are considered temporary (temporary) the temporary buildings aren’t a big draw for business rates.

6) Tax-deductible

As a plant, the cost of your temporary structure is tax deductible, thus reducing the total Corporation Tax liability.

7) Additional options available

Each of our buildings is available with a variety of options based on your operating requirements. Flooring that is heavy duty or integral can be added along with forklift and pedestrian access doors, as well as internal partitioning.

If you believe that one of our temporary buildings can meet your immediate requirements or you’d like to know more information about our entire selection of semi-permanent, temporary and permanent structures, contact us.

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