Hiring A Decorator vs Doing It Yourself (DIY) Pros & Cons

It’s easy to browse Pinterest as well as Instagram and instantly feel inspired by your next home decor project. It’s not as simple to complete the decorating.

Are you thinking about decorating your home? Are you unsure whether to do it yourself or employ an expert company?

This article is intended to assist you in making a decision.

Let’s examine the benefits using a professional painter and decorator South London as opposed to doing it yourself.

Employing a Decorator or hiring one vs. Doing It Yourself (DIY)

What is the difference?

hiring a painter and decorator means that you pay an interior decorator or a team of decorators who will complete the job on your house. It could include wallpapering walls, painting walls as well as painting radiators. They can usually decorate both the inside and outside of your house. They’ll provide the tools, manpower and equipment required to complete the job.

If you plan to do the decorating task by yourself, you’ll be required to purchase the right paint and tools. Also, you must know how to decorate your home.

Utilizing a roller to paint a smooth wall is easy. It’s the more challenging tasks like painting ceilings using an elevated ladder, stripping wallpaper or painting cornices that could appear very difficult .

Benefits of employing an interior decorator

Why do you need a professional interior decorator and painter?


One of the primary reasons to employ an interior and exterior painting company is to get use of the experience. Highly skilled tradesmen haven’t completed a training course or looked at a couple of YouTube videos. They’ve painted and decorated homes and homes all day long for a long time. A professional decorator has worked for years perfecting his art.

They have the knowledge of working with a range of tools and paints, as well as an understanding of how paints are employed.

Some decorating and painting companies(including ours) are experts in interior decoration and have a specialist decorating team who can make sure that the wallpaper and paint of your design match what you’re hoping to achieve for the space.

Reviewing the testimonials of previous clients on review websites means you can assess the credibility of a decorating business.

It is easy to use

The main reason to engage a professional for decorating is because it’s more convenient than having to complete the task yourself. The business has a whole team of experts to assist with decorating.

If climbing ladders to climb steps or lifting heavy tins full of paint is a problem for you by yourself, then hiring a professional to help you will be much simpler.

One reason why that hiring a company is more convenient for you is the time you’ll save.

Factors that affect:

the work of preparation
when is the right time to paint
the drying time between coats
the cleaning up

You’ll save a couple of days or even weeks, based what size you have for your home.

Benefits of DIY

Do you have to decorate yourself? Let’s discover.


It’s true that among the major advantages of decorating yourself is the fact that you save money. It is not necessary paying the decorating company for time. It is usually around £25 to £30 an hour.

Although you don’t need to pay for the time you spend It’s an excellent idea to think about the amount of time it’s likely to be to finish the task.

Also, you must consider the costs of equipment and other materials.

Develop new skills

It is a fact that if the room you’re trying to embellish is small and has beautiful smooth walls that are waiting to be painted, it is a great experience to complete the decorating by yourself.

There is something incredibly satisfying about doing your job that is done well. If you are decorating your home, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of your labor for an extended period of time.


If you decide to paint the area yourself, you’re completely in charge of when work is finished. You could spend a day preparing the space to paint , which could require sanding, stripping or cleaning. If you’re running short of time, you can spend an entire day working on the painting process and cleaning up. One benefit of working on the project yourself is that you are in total control and freedom the time when work is completed.

Then, do you choose to finish your next decorating task by yourself? Do you decide to outsource it to a decorating or painting firm of your preference?

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