8 Reasons to buy a property in Malta

If you are looking to own an additional property in a nation with friendly citizens, a lively nightlife, tranquil surroundings and a warm climate and delicious food, the first step is to invest in a property in Malta. Malta is an incredible island for you to live your entire life on following retirement.

Each year, this beautiful Island is a magnet for tourists who come to enjoy a memorable experience. In the past, the real estate market Malta has grown quickly due to the extremely prudent and secure banking policies that have been established so that it is certain that the market for real estate will not suffer the same fate as other European nations.

Additionally, for English tourists who want to own a property and reside in Malta the country has taken on English as the primary language of instruction, thus eliminating all barrier to language.

There are many reasons why you should consider buying an apartment in Malta

Substantial Investment

Malta is one of the countries in Europe that has a real estate market has not had to be impacted by the Global Financial Crisis. The long-standing tradition and ethical banking practices that have been in place is among the main reasons for the reason that it is the case that Malta housing market didn’t get affected by the financial crisis that struck Europe a few years ago. Today, Malta is one of the countries in Europe that is experiencing steady expansion in the field of real estate.

A wide range of properties

The best thing about purchasing an apartment within Malta is that you can find many properties suitable for all needs and budget. The cost of an apartment that is fully furnished in Malta costs around EUR220 000, depending on the area you select and the kind of property you’re looking to purchase.

You can become an Maltese Resident

In line with the guidelines set out in the Maltese government under the Global Residence Programme, buying a home on Malta Island of Gozo is an essential requirement for becoming a Maltese resident.

Living atmosphere

It’s extremely difficult to get bored in Malta There are plenty of recreational activities, including paragliding, scuba diving climbing, mountain bike windsurfing and rock climbing and can let you feel like you’re having enjoyment. There are also live shows such as pop concerts, theatre performances, historical re-enactments and more are an excellent way to entertain everyone on this beautiful island.

Peace and tranquility are the hallmarks of the island

Malta is more than an island, it’s an ideal and peaceful spot for couples and families who wish to unwind in a an unspoilt environment, with stunning landscapes and beaches.

Vibrant Nightlife

For those who love to hang in the evening, Malta offers a vibrant nightlife. It is home to big names such as Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, and Carl Cox. There are plenty of open-air venues to chill and have a blast with foreigners and locals and there’s always something to do at all the eateries in Malta

Malta’s Beautiful Beaches

There are a myriad of beautiful beaches to enjoy in Malta. The majority of Malta’s most beautiful beaches lie on shorelines along the Western or Northern shorelines. You will enjoy yourself while enjoying your time with your family and friends.


People from Malta are warm and warm. As previously stated, English is the official second language in Malta, which means that you will not have a problem connecting with people of Malta. There are medical facilities that are of an international standards for all.

New Tax Scheme

Additionally, as an attempt to draw more foreigners to Malta as well, the Maltese government has introduced an average rate of 15% growth on the income earned from employment for those employed in Malta. The scheme aims at making Malta attractive to expatriates and locals. If you’re employed in a variety of sectors and want to move to Malta or elsewhere, you could make a bet on the real property market.

And lastly, Malta is an amazing island that offers a lot of opportunities. Making investments in the real estate sector in Malta can be a great possibility for you. It’s wonderful to have an investment that is secure away from home, and also to have another home when you retire.

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