What Makes Istanbul a Great City to Live?

The distinctive tourist character of Istanbul and the growth it is experiencing in terms of infrastructure as well as huge real estate projects has made it the center of world’s attention from Arabs and foreigners looking to move to Istanbul for investment in property. Whether the intention is to reap from the economic return from the property or live in a city like Istanbul.

We will list here the top benefits you will get and take advantage of when purchasing a home in Istanbul.

Suitable real estate prices:

When compared to the real estate costs in other developed European countries , such as Britain, France and Spain, real estate in Istanbul is regarded as the most affordable in terms of value. It also has benefits that are comparable to those of other countries. The variety of real estate options and its price range that spans from affordable to high-end provided plenty of choice and comfort. to the investor.

Exemption from taxes on inheritance:

Where the Turkish state was able to exempt the children of foreign deceased from taxes on inheritance on inheriting property, which is different from other European countries which impose taxes on inheritances of property owned by a foreign person, which may reach 20 percent of the value of the property in a nation like Britain.

The variety of investment strategies:

A property located in Turkey’s capital city Istanbul is a sure-fire opportunity to make money, whether it’s by renting it during tourist season or by making changes to it and reselling it at a higher cost or relying on it as a base for the practice of your job and commercial and office activity.

Low cost of living in Istanbul:

Despite the beauty and charm of Istanbul that is comparable with other European cities, its strong infrastructure and access to various services, the cost of living in it remains higher than in other countries in regards to food, drinks gas, water, fuel and other basics of living .

The promise of the real estate market in Istanbul:

According to recent research, the Turkish real estate market occupied an elevated position as the third strongest real estate market around the world , a position that is surpassed only by China and United States of America, that indicates the exciting future that awaits the real estate market of Turkey generally and Istanbul particularly.

Full ownership of the property:

No matter what kind of property and regardless of the number of properties you have it is possible to dispose of and sell them anytime you’d like at any time.

Obtaining real estate residency:

In the event that you own a house in Istanbul you are able to get a residence permit in real estate and renew it on a regular basis until the property remains owned by you.

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

This is based on special requirements that demand that the value of the property must be greater than 250 thousand US dollars. When you acquire Turkish citizenship, then you will be able to get the Turkish passport too.

Access to Istanbul:

Istanbul has three airports international (Ataturk International Airport Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, New Istanbul Airport) which offer international flights round the clock , with no interruptions.

The modern transportation network:

The neighborhoods and areas of Istanbul are connected to one other and to other cities in Turkey by an organized transportation system that makes travel between them extremely easy using subways or internal buses. …..

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The distinctive climate in Istanbul:

In Istanbul, Istanbul has a beautiful climate during winter and summer free of cold, heat and storms, it’s also distinguished by its beautiful natural landscape and stunning views that provide comfort and tranquility far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ancient Civilization:

The ancient civilization of Istanbul is not the result of the last few decades It is rather a legacy dating back many centuries ago, as various civilizations interspersed with the Roman civilization and then the Ottoman civilization that then led to the creation and development of modern Turkish state. This made the city of Istanbul an impressive variety of cultures that reflect positively on the nature of Turkish society.

Facilities for service:

The city of Istanbul has a wide array of various service facilities. Universities and schools were constructed that provided advanced science as well as made them accessible to everyone, and areas of worship were created like mosques and churches as well as public parks opened and many other different services.

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