Why buy an industrial style dining table?

The rustic dining table is beginning more and more sought-after, and it’s not surprising considering the numerous advantages they bring. This article we will take an in-depth look at the primary attributes and advantages of industrial-style rustic dining tables, the way they’re constructed and the different options of finishes that are available.

What are the best materials to make an industrial style dining table?

Solid oak

Pine and oak make excellent alternative to rustic tabletops due to their durability and strength.

Although it is possible to construct the table top from fresh wood, reclaimed lumber provides a more rustic appearance. The elements and Mother Nature create a natural patina creating a dining table that is completely distinctive. Reclaimed wood is healthier for the environment as compared to virgin timber since it doesn’t require the need to remove trees.


The most popular material used for frames is steel. It’s strong enough to support all the weight of a wooden shirt, and is less susceptible to rust than other metals.

Steel can be finished with a variety of methods to achieve the perfect look such as silver, brushed, as well as powder coated. The framework can be made in different ways to meet your requirements and style preferences. Examples include block frames or X leg frame, as well as U frames.

How are industrial-style rustic dining tables made?

Wood preparation

It is essential to preserve its natural appeal of wood, but also to ensure that it’s fit for usage. This is why a large amount of care is given when preparing the wood.

After determining that the timber is of good quality and is free of knots, cracks and rotten wood Then we get to begin preparing it.

The procedure will differ in duration based on the state of the wood as well as the type of finish required. Many of us today would prefer to have a more smooth finish, however, others prefer the rough natural look of old timber.

Fix the top of the collectively

We make use of individual beams or planks of wood up to the top. they must be put back to one another after they’ve been made. How the boards were repaired will be based on your specific design, however often they’ll be joined by butt-joints.

Make the framework

Certain furniture makers purchase steel frames from outside companies However, at Rusted Wood, our frames are manufactured by our own team. After the steel is processed, we build the frame’s segments ready to be adapted for the tables. To make it easier to transport the framework is likely to be re-positioned into the tabletop when it’s delivered to your residence.

What finishes for which person do you have currently available?

When you purchase tables made of industrial rustic design it is crucial to decide on the finish you would like to have before you purchase. This will ensure that the wood is properly prepared. If you attempt DIY finishing, staining, or painting later it is possible to cause damage to the table or leave the mess.

It is also crucial to determine whether you’ll use the furniture outdoors or indoors, since outdoor furniture needs a special treatments.

Natural appearance

It is evident that wood is gorgeous, which is why it does not require any extravagant compounds or colorants. A simple wax or oil coating will shield the wood and allow you to apply it every six to 12 weeks to keep your deck looking beautiful.


It is possible to stain the wood if want a more dark or perhaps charred appearance. The wood will remain sealed after the staining procedure is completed and the type of staining may depend on the kind of sealer used.

Paint or varnish

If you are looking for a clear and polished look varnish comes in matt, satin and gloss. They is able to be applied on natural wooden or stained timber. You can also paint tablestops with paints that permit the natural dark and light grains of wood shine through.

What are the benefits of a rustic industrial table?

Here are some suggestions You Might Want to Consider:


Recycled materials are more sustainable as opposed to the production of new materials.


The wood we choose to use is of the finest quality, and tables are built to last for many generations.


Every piece of wood we utilize is distinctive, which means that every dining set will be unique of one of a one of a kind.


Rustic industrial tables look great at any location, modern or traditional commercial or domestic outdoors or indoors.


There’s a reason furniture makers have relied on wood for centuries: it’s durable, strong and naturally beautiful.

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