The Latest Update on Andrews: A Commercial Sustainable Water Heaters Solution

The Andrew water heater is an emerging technology in the realm of heating and supplying fluid in residential or commercial applications. Andrews’s latest update shows that the variation of models offers reliable and efficient performance in supplying hot water. These Andrew water heaters are the number one gas-fired water heaters that were established in 1976. The Andrew offers a wide range of models that are distinctive in features, and performance, for commercial or residential applications.

Our baseline is the commitment to excellence that stands us apart from other brands. Our lineups ensure the fully compliant water heater by laws that lie in part L in the building regulation. Moreover, the Low Carbon Building program and the enhanced capital allowance scheme and also with the directive of energy-related products.

Explore our emerging Andrews Commercial Water Heaters in ever ever-evolving technology world. That is ensuring high status, reputation, sustainability, and reliability with high performance. Andrews is the synonym of quality and catering high needs in the big-small scale commercial networks for streamlined operations. Along with that, in this blog, we will explore what’s new for Andrew commercial heating pumps and also find the latest updates on them. So stay engaged with us throughout this blog.

Upgraded Commercial Water Heater – High Specification Heaters

The class of the Andrews ECOflo EC 96 380 Gas Fired Water Heater ensures high specification and world-class performance. This stainless steel-made condensing gas-fired heater is the absolute solution for commercial offices in replacement of non-condensing water heaters.

Commercial Uses of Andrews’s Latest Update

The commercial Andrew water heaters that are featured with the direct-fired water heaters have been listed in the approved list of L of building and regulations. This product has been accepted by laws and replaced the non-condensing water heater system that was in use in vast commercial applications.

Andrew is 20% More Efficient

The Andrews Latest Update shows that the non-condensing units versus gas direct-fired heaters are 20% more energy and carbon-efficient in performance. That’s use must be crucial in the vast majority of commercial applications. In the wide scale businesses this Andrew water heaters can assist them to cater the meets on high level. Likewise, they can meet their requirements, and sustainable commitments, by focusing on quality versus performance. They can enhance the building energy emissions that will directly cut their electricity bills by delivering them numerous benefits. Like it can reduce the environmental impact by mitigating the risk while providing the best performance in the economical price range.

High-End Water Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

The lineup of Andrews ECOflo EC 230/700 Gas Fired Water Heater offers a highly efficient water supply approximately 104% more than the others. That is catering the class A energy requirements with efficiency. Along with that, it also offers gross efficiencies of more than 98% with recovery high heater rates.

Challenges: New Flue Set Up And Condensation Drain

When replacing non-condensing with non-condensing water heaters the flowing challenges may occur. Like the new flue setup and installation of a new condensation drain. For instance, the current cap and cut the current flue that is connecting with the roof of the building. And add the hole horizontally to the back of the wall for condensing installation. The second thing that we will face while replacing it is unvented for new heaters. For that take the 15m cold feed with new pipework and, an unvented kit and install it accordingly.

The one reason that most buyers prefer it is due to its availability on the short lead time. That makes it the most preferable choice among others. The excellent range it offers with technical specifications will give the user confidence in sustainability and performance.

Commercial Andrew Water Heaters Is Specifically Made For Catering To Industrial Requirement

The Andrews Latest Update shows that the suitable replacement of condensing water heaters is today’s industrial water supply needs. That boasts the power performance by providing highly efficient features. That is delivering a high volume of hot water supply from a small output. It offers eco-friendliness, reliability, cost-saving, and carbon reduction emissions in big-size buildings.

Talk to National Pumps & Boilers for Effective Hot Water Solutions

To find the best lineup of commercial Andrew water heaters come to National Pumps & Boilers. The trusted supplier of Andrew products with brilliant features, sustainability, and excellence. for high performance and efficient smooth operation contact us right now.

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