SW11 London Postcode: Residents Rate Their Streets


What is the SW11 London postcode really like? HomeViews Streets is a new platform that has collected thousands of reviews from residents living around London. They share detailed information about the area’s bus and rail network, the number and quality of the local shops, restaurants and parks – and so much more. Pinpoint your ideal location with a little help from the locals.

Which London borough is SW11?SW11 is a South West London postcode covering Battersea and Clapham Junction. The Wandsworth local authority oversees the area.

What zone is SW11?The SW11 London postcode sits mostly within Zone 2, with part of the postcode extending into Zone 3. Running clockwise, neighbouring areas include Brompton and Chelsea (SW3) to the north and Nine Elms and South Lambeth (SW8) to the north-east. Clapham (SW4) adjoins to the south-east, with Balham (SW12) and Earlsfield and Wandsworth (SW18) to the south. Find Fulham and Parson’s Green (SW6) to the west, and West Brompton and World’s End (SW10) to the north-west.

Is SW11 a good area?While one person’s junk is another’s treasure and vice versa, our reviews often identify important themes that tip the scales depending on your goals and lifestyle. So whether you’re a student hoping for top-notch nightclubs or a parent looking for that sweet spot between excellent catchment schools, HomeViews Streets can reveal if SW11 is right or wrong for you. Our reviewers score key categories out of five and leave helpful comments to explain their answers. Here’s what one SW11 resident thinks:

“Battersea is a lovely little hamlet”Are other neighbourhoods within the postcode less or more desirable? Click on the samples below to find the HomeViews site, where you can explore all the reviews we have on SW11 and adjacent postcodes. Want to see more? Tell us about your street to access all our data.

SW11, London resident reviewsHomeViews Area GuidesSee the area guides on related areas below for HomeViews insights about SW11 and surrounding regions. These pages include the top-rated new homes in those areas and reviews by residents.

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HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, landlords and the Government to recognise high performers and help to improve standards in the built environment.

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SW11 London postcode: Residents rate their streets

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