SE1 London Postcode: Resident Reviews Reveal All


What is SE1, London, really like to live, work and play in? HomeViews Streets is a new site that collates up-to-date insights from residents in postcodes covering the length and breadth of London. Using our insider knowledge, we can reveal what locals honestly think about the SE1 postcode, from transport links and amenities to open green spaces. Read on to learn more.

What area is SE1 in London?The SE1 London postcode covers Bankside, South Bank, Southwark, and part of Lambeth, Bermondsey, Vauxhall and Peckham. It sits within the London Boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth in South East London.

What zone is SE1 in?The SE1 postcode is spread between Transport for London (TfL) Zones 1 and 2. Adjacent postcodes include SE16 to the east, while SE15, SE5, SE17, and SE11 lie to the south. The River Thames borders SE1 to the north and west.

What is SE1 like to live in?So, is SE1 a good place to live? HomeViews Streets reviewers from SE1 share their candid views on what local life is actually like – rating and commenting on everything from the overall community atmosphere, the range and quality of amenities and transport, and so much more. Residents give a score out of five for each category, alongside a personal insight.

Below are some examples – just click through to see more reviews for the SE1 area. To view all the content on the site, simply write a review of your own area!

SE1, London resident reviews“The buzz of the area is second to none”HomeViews Area GuidesYou can also read our area guides for SE1 neighbourhoods for more information. These pages also include the top-rated new developments in the area and reviews by verified residents.

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SE1 London postcode: resident reviews reveal all

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