How to Stop Outdated Office Design

An old fashioned or out of date office space is easy to notice and can be anything from colours, textiles or the type of furniture. Styles come in and out of fashion and we understand an office design can’t last forever, but the aim is to make it last as long as possible without having to invest again.

Flexible Style

It’s expected that personal tastes will change and that’s okay. What you need to do, from an office design point of view, is make what you choose adaptable. Adaptability will serve you well over the years and will ensure the office needs can be met without incurring excessive costs.

Desks in a simple colour and standard shape are going to suit business need and won’t require many amendments. The main changes will come from colour schemes and configuration. Changing paints and colour schemes within the office is simple and fairly cost effective and won’t need regular upkeep.

Office Screens and Dividers are a larger investment and dependent on quantities, can be a costly addition. The colours, fabric types and shape of the partitions are variations which need to be considered for long term use. The freestanding office screens are easy to move, can be linked to create endless configurations and can be added to at any point.

The adaptability of the Acoustic Office Screens means when the office changes, the screens can too!


Following a trend for the office might seem like a good idea, but could be an expensive mistake. The thing with trends is they come and go, meaning that your new office won’t be in fashion for too long.

Staying up to date with trends and styles isn’t something that should be implemented in the office, as it’ll need changing too often. There are aspects of the many trends that can be implemented like adding plants, keeping the space light and adding office screening. The ideal thing about using small details of a big trend is how easy they can be change or adjusted.

Are there any disadvantages of having an outdated office space?

There are some down sides to having an outdated office that goes further than the visual appearance.

Any outdated office and equipment can lead to low productivity and creativity. Work can be hard anyway, without having out of date software and computer systems. Providing the right tools is fundamental when expecting the most from a team.

Something as small as the colour scheme can be enough to affect the mood and feelings of your employees. Take a look at the colours, which can suit the space and also spark creativity.

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